According to a new study, drivers now care more about their car’s appearance than their own.


Research into consumer behavior by leading car cleaning brand MER and Halfords reveal that almost three quarters of motorists (73%) now spend at least as much on car care products as they do on personal grooming.

Now Halfords operates out of 467 stores in the UK and Ireland so they may know a little bit about how much is spent pimping, preening and polishing their autos.

It’s probably no great shock that, even with the advent of modern Metro Man, that they (81%) consider the size and look of their horse power important to their pulling power but what is a surprise is that it’s claimed that 52% of the females surveyed agree to taking as good as or better care of their vehicle than they do of themselves.

Halfords car cleaning expert David Howells said: “Cars are an expensive investment and a highly personal statement, so whether caring for your car to preserve its value or ensure it looks its best, these findings show owners are prepared to spend the time and money on an appropriate beauty regime.”

Donna Howard from MER ‘Auto Shine Technologie’ added: “The amount of science and technology that goes into modern car waxes and polish formulations means our products share many similarities with the cosmetics industry and genuinely help protect paintwork and keep vehicles looking good for longer.

“People are spending an increasing amount of time in their cars and as this research shows, looking good behind the wheel is important to both men and women.”

Research findings were taken from a survey sample of 926 UK drivers during March and April 2013.

According to the average man is now spending £590 on grooming products every year, around the same that amount that women spend on beauty products.

orbital lambs wool polisherNow although we are spending more on our cars splashing out £7 on a car wash or up to £50 for a full valet would be considered an affordable luxury.

However, if you have more money than sense or your pension is invested in classic cars then a company in Fife, Scotland is offering the full Monty paintwork valet – if you have a spare £100,000 that is!

He calls it Car detailing and is mainly the process of removing surface defects and scratches from vehicle paint surfaces. Then once the defects have been removed it time to refine the paint to achieve the maximum level of gloss possible.

Once this process has been done its time to protect the finish with a selection of products that come from all over the world to give the correct level of protection and looks as per customer requirements.

The company – The Ultimate Shine – is owned and run by Paul Wilkins and he claims to have worked on over £100m worth of cars

I don’t think any women I know could get through that much in face creams!

Author – Tony Heywood

Tony Heywood

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