Father’s day is the day every kid has the chance to say thanks for all the, taxis on demand, generally fixing everything, giving money (but not telling mum), sorting out the computer virus, upgrading to the new iPhone and so on.

So, unless your Dad specifically asks for it, do not buy any of the following. They will be (outwardly) gratefully received but inwardly thinking ‘is this what they think of me?’

So here are what NOT to get your dad.Wahl Nasal Trimmer

  1. Socks – even joke multicoloured ones
  2. Tools – was it a hint to fix something not done?
  3. Golf equipment – if I haven’t already got it I don’t need it.
  4. Anything for the Garden – see 2
  5. Led Zeppelin CD – yes I used to like them but they’ve not done anything new for 20 years* and I don’t need another CD with the best tracks in a different order (even if it is digitally remastered)
  6. Colognes/after shaves – do I smell bad?
  7. Anything that hangs from the car rear view mirror – my car is my status symbol
  8. Books – ‘why this book – are they trying to tell me something?
  9. A Nasal hair trimmer – I’m going to try looking up my nose in the bathroom mirror now!
  10. Anything ‘As seen on TV’ – they’re really not what Dad wants no matter how many times they say ‘he’ll love it’


So what should you get?

Dads will rarely do anything for themselves. The thrill of it is often outweighed by the guilt of wasting money/time when it (as it frequently pointed out by the ‘Mum’) is needed for the kids.

Surprisingly, the most popular request from the Dads is ‘to spend more time with their kids’. Maybe the teenagers are not prepared to give ‘that much’ so a great alternative is one of the ‘experiences’ sold by companies such as Red Letter Day and Virgin.


For example:-aston martin

  • A trip around a Brewery – the green light to go drinking for research purposes
  • Drive an Aston Martin around Silverston – no one saying ‘Can you slow down’!
  • A flight in a single engine aircraft or even parachuting if he’s the adventurous type
  • A ride on the footplate of a steam engine – fulfill the childhood fantasy
  • London Rock and Roll Tour – see all the historical places from the Beatles to Punk
  • Powerboat racing – pretend James Bond chases!
  • Drive a tank – PS3 for grown ups!


So there you have it. Go on spoil him!


* excluding the benefit reunion concert in 2007

Author – Tony Heywood

Tony Heywood

Tony Heywood is a ‘Retail Troubleshooter’ with 40 years experience in the retail industry, specialising in e-commerce over the last decade. He has his own consultancy firm and is MD of  ‘e sell it’, an on-line store selling tools and auto-care products worldwide.

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